How to deliver right?

Nemer Sweetie you got me worried today. You had a good star of the day but then you woke up from your afternoon nap crying and it seemed to me that you were in a lot of pain.
What bothered me the most is that I couldn’t tell what was wrong with you! And I guess THAT what got me worried for the rest of my day.
I still need to guess and think hard and search between clues. Sometimes I would stare at you like an unprepared student starring at his exam paper not knowing what is the right answer.
It’s hard for one to not be able to express, as much as it’s hard on someone to not know how to deliver for a beloved one.

All I could deliver today was to hold you close and walk around hoping that my body’s warmth will ease your pain somehow.
Sleep tight sweetie. Hope you’ll have a better day tomorrow.

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