NG Tube in.. too deep!

After your addmission to SickKids hospital on Monday and getting an NG tube we were discharged wednesday late afternoon.
Thursday morning you woke up with your shirt wet and soaked up with green and yellow colors. Your NG tube was leaking non stop.
I checked the placement of the tube then made some phone calls to get an advice of what’s the best thing to do. The GI clinic nurse at SickKids said it’s nothing to worry about and to just tape the tube.
My instinct told me something is wrong, so I prepared meals for you for a full day and drove to SickKids. Good thing your baby sitter was with us to help.
At the hospital in the emergency department we had to wait 6 hours until you were seen by a doctor. An X-ray was done. It showed that the NG tube was in your stomach too deep. It made total sense for you to cry in pain when I gave you your medications through the tube. But somehow it wasn’t a concern at all for pediatricians when you were admitted at the hospital when I told them that you are crying!!
The NG tube was pulled out two inches. I insisted that they do another X-ray to put my mind at rest. The second X-ray showed the NG tube was still too deep. They pulled it out another two inches. After that I gave you some water through the tube and you were fine.
Finally we left the hospital at 12 am.
So sorry sweetie you had to go through all that only because a specialist didn’t want to pay much attention to a mother’s worries.

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