Nemer’s Story

“A dear friend of mine once told me she used to whisper in her newborn nephew’s ear this secret: I love you.

When her nephew started talking,my friend asked her: tell me a secret. So her nephew whispered in her ear: I love you.

And she tells that secret only to my friend.”

Imagine the enormous amount of small details shared between a mother and her baby.

As a mother,I live everyday for those wonderful details with my son Nemer. And as a thank you for him for bringing that light to my life, I wanted to give him a flower every day. and because I’m against killing a real beautiful flower to make somebody happy, I thought i’ll wrap these details between my son Nemer and me in a bouquet of words, and hand him one flower every day.

I love you Nemer and welcome to your tiny world as mommy sees it.

You;the world; is welcome too to read my flowers and to comment.

your loving mother,


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