Hey bubbi, I just thought i’ll drop by to tell you what’s been going on lately.
Well, you’re are doing very well in the conductive education sessions. You tolerate almost all the exercises. You are doing very nice unsupported setting, yes.. you are setting on your own now 🙂 I still have to be there to prevent the sudden backward collapse, even though it’s not occurring as much. Yeeey for Nemer.
Your grasping on objects is really improving. You have this favorite colorful and shiny shaker that you keep holding onto it.
You are very aware of what’s going on around you. You are directing your looking intentionally, you understand lots of directions.
Stepping…I think the right thing to say: it is there.
Nice and complete steps, big huge steps, you are even stepping on the stairs.
You have a pony walker now and it makes my heart dance to feel you moving around me in the house with your tiny feet.

I’m so proud of you habibi, you have have come a long way.

on top of everything you are having so much fun at your nursery school AND during therapy sessions. who am i kidding, me too 😉

Tomorrow Nov 17th, 2011 is your third MRI scanning since you were born.
I hope it goes well..and gives us more clear answers.

Love you.

I wish one day sweetie you will read my writings and thoughts, and you will understand what I really wanted to say.
This is a video that I like to watch at moments that seems like falling back moments.
You may find it one day as an inspirational touch.

School Boy

First Day at School



You were so happy on your first day at school. Kids played and shared with you and the teacher was very nice 🙂
I’m very excited for you Nemer.
Love you.

Thomas and His Friends

amazing how this song makes you almost dance 🙂

I’ve picked up for you Nemer this wonderful and powerful writing.

You will be walking some night
in the comfortable dark of your yard
and suddenly a great light will shine
round about you, and behind you
will be a wall you never saw before.
It will be clear to you suddenly
that you were about to escape,
and that you are guilty: you misread
the complex instructions, you are not
a member, you lost your card
or never had one. And you will know
that they have been there all along,
their eyes on your letters and books,
their hands in your pockets,
their ears wired to your bed.
Though you have done nothing shameful,
they will want you to be ashamed.
They will want you to kneel and weep
and say you should have been like them.
And once you say you are ashamed,
reading the page they hold out to you,
then such light as you have made
in your history will leave you.
They will no longer need to pursue you.
You will pursue them, begging forgiveness.
They will not forgive you.
There is no power against them.
It is only candor that is aloof from them,
Only an inward clarity, unashamed,
that they cannot reach. Be ready.
When their light has picked you out
and their questions are asked, say to them:
“I am not ashamed.” A sure horizon
will come around you. Then heron will begin his evening flight from the hilltop.

Wendell Berry

Happy Third Birthday Nemer

I hope you’ll have a very very happy birthday sweetie, and I want you to know that I love you so much and I thank God everyday for you.
I hope this year will be a shiny year for you just like you are my every morning sunshine.

Nemer Centered.


Sitting by yourself 🙂

He is Himself!

“If I could let him be the boy he is, and let go of the boy he may have been.”
Very strong words and maybe a foolish hope.

How could she? When she’s thriving throughout the days, exhausting her mind and body to make it better for him!
But how would one make things better? By forcing a change, or by allowing the flow to pour in whatever direction?

Does she dare to just stop…and let him be?
Wouldn’t she slap her face because one day she simply didn’t know how to continue?

She knows that he is himself, but what if he still has more in?