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Nemer’s Walking Tool

Recently Nemer got his new Hart Walker. It’s like a cool metal suit with wheels, makes him look like a little robot ūüôā ¬†which I adore!

It is the best walker nemer has ever tried. It gives him all the support he needs. I think of the metal bars as extra hands holding him on the right spot and guiding him in the right way to take steps.

The first time he tried it he didn’t do much, I guess he was overwhelmed. but as he got more familiar and comfortable in it, and once he¬†realized¬†what he is capable of doing when he is in that supported position, lets just say sometimes I have to look for him in the house.

It holds him from underneath his elbows (which solves his leaning towards his right side) all the way to his ankles. He is NOT sitting in it. His body posture is in a perfect and natural standing position. He even use it as a stander whenever he prefers to just stay still watch TV, play with his favorite toys, or just watch his mama running around the house. 

His steps couldn’t be more perfect. His feet don’t go out of direction, they don’t hang on the sides, they move naturally as his body moves forward. ¬†When I’m standing there calling for him to come to me and he is taking one step after the other my heart dances.¬†

I’ve seen in nemer’s eyes that he wants to walk …For some kids it just happens¬†automatically, for others they just need the right tool. Nemer has his now.

Sorry for hurting you

Today I hurt you, literaly!
I was holding you from both arms and you were taking small steps to the way out of your room. All of a sudden in less than a second you slep from my hands and bang you hit the floor on your head. I turned to you panicing. You had the look of fear and pain,you started screaming and crying. I carried you around the house trying to calm you down. My mother in low and my aunt were trying to calm me down. They said you look fine to them and it’s normal, all babies and kids fall down, scratch and get hurt. It’s just a way of life. You were calmed quickly, and went back to singing your : eeeeee sound. I knew you were ok ūüôā But i was shacking the whole evening and feeling so bad. It was your first time to fall, and hopefully the last.
Sorry for hurting you habeebi. I wish it was me who hit his head not you.
Love you