This is it

It was 5:30 am,July 1st,2008, when i jumped off the bed yelling to my husband : MY WATER BROKE, MY WATER BROKE.

We were running around the house like two crazy people when my husband stopped me and said : This is it..Nemer is coming today.

22 hours later,you “Nemer” arrived.  At 3:15 am July 7,2008.

A very long and tiring labor. At the beginning contractions were getting faster and closer, but nurses kept telling me it’s only 3 cm. I was given Morphine twice. Contractions were longer and harder every time. The pain was intolerable, and to take it for 20 hours was too much. For sure every single mother out there knows the feeling , and I think I can say that most of them agree with me when i say: is not the forgotten pain.

At around 12:00 am ,July 7,the nurse told me the baby is getting tired and his heart rate is getting slower.She suggested to give me”whatever it’s called” that will make contractions faster and help the delivery. I agreed and  asked to be given the epidural.

Two and a half hours later my doctor showed up.I guess he was told I was finally ready. It wasn’t  also an easy delivery . Doctor used forceps and vacuum, lots of pushing and pulling.

Finally Nemer was out…but silent. No crying,no breathing. Nurses took you aside ,trying to wake you up.

I was confused,asking  them why my baby isn’t crying? I’ve been waiting nine months to hold you in my arms, and now all I can think about was : is my baby OK? is he alive?

Finally, after few  minutes I heard the cry. I asked impatiently to hold you. My eyes rushed through all your tiny details and I knew I was touched by an angel with love.

That night you stayed at the nursery room,to keep an eye on you. The next morning a male nurse woke me up and told me that you had a heart murmur because  you were exhausted trying to make your way out to this world 🙂 and now you are fine and in a good health. Few hours later they brought you to me, and you were from that moment all mine.

So, my lovely son, you started your journey to this world with a struggle that turns out will remain with you for a while longer.

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